XXVII Assembly of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policies

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On the outcomes of participation in the CFDP

On April 13–14, 2019, the management of the LEGINT Bureau took part in the 27th Assembly of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policies (the “CFDP”). The Assembly held fruitful discussions focusing on topical issues associated with foreign-policy activities, including the development of public-private partnerships to boost the performance of measures being implemented in this area.

The company’s representatives held a brief presentation of the Bureau’s activities, provided specific successful examples of interaction between Russian businesses and government authorities in addressing foreign-policy tasks and described the existing operational potential in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. They also voiced that the company was ready for cooperation in providing information and analytical support for various projects in the regions of the company’s presence and had direct contacts with the political and business elite of the countries located in such regions that might be used to facilitate the foreign-policy efforts of the Russian Federation.

In conclusion, a number of specific proposals were made, which, if implemented, might help increase the effectiveness of foreign-policy measures in the face of the toughening sanction standoff with various countries deploying new mechanisms to restrain the development of the country. Such proposals included:

  1. Creating a legal framework to enable the operation of private military companies (PMCs) and private intelligence companies (PICs) in the Russian Federation. Using the Russian political technology to facilitate preparation for and implementation of election campaigns aimed at enhancing cooperation between parties and individual candidates and our country. Legalizing the PMC and PIC status (to enable advisory activities) while closely coordinating their liaison with the Russian government authorities may ensure the effectiveness of so-called “soft power” and other measures aimed at protecting the country’s interests abroad.
  2. Creating effective government support mechanisms for businesses (to provide assistance at various levels of political and diplomatic interaction, additional subsidies, additional social protection measures) that are ready to implement commercial projects of various levels abroad, including in countries experiencing unstable situation and facing economic sanctions imposed by Western countries (Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran).
  3. Initiating the creation of a special foundation with support from the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Usage (Rosprirodnadzor) and Russian private and government companies that have representative offices and production facilities abroad (Lukoil, Rosneft, Gazprom, Rusal, Rosatom, Zarubezhneft, etc.) to develop the existing favorable experience of public-private partnerships in ensuring the biological safety of the Russian Federation in leading positions.
  4. The expanding unilateral American and European sanctions imposed against Russian legal entities and individuals necessitate the creation of a Russia-wide Sanctioned Government and Private Actors Association that may potentially become an international body by admitting partners from Syria, Iran, Libya, Venezuela and other countries. To protect their respective rights and interests, the limitation of which affects the development of the world economy, it seems expedient to escalate this matter to the UN General Assembly and Security Council, including the proposal to create a separate mechanism (institution) for such international interstate organization.

The Bureau’s representatives suggested that CFDP members introduce daily monitoring activities focusing on the situation in Libya, Guinea and the DRC and monitoring results be published on the company’s official website.


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