Business Advisory Council for Libya
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Business Advisory Council for Libya

In August 2018, the Russian Foreign Ministry set up Business Advisory Council for Libya (BACL) to consolidate the efforts of private action groups interested in implementing economic and humanitarian projects in Libya, increase their performance, avoid conflicts of interest and ensure proper coordination with government authorities of the Russian Federation. The capabilities of BACL members are also used to facilitate the strengthening of intergovernmental contacts in pursuance of the Russian Federation’s policy aimed to ensure equidirectional cooperation with all constructive forces of the country and create conditions for the peaceful settlement of the crisis with the UN playing a key role.
BACL is a public initiative offering voluntary participation which has brought together representatives of the Russian business and expert community to jointly implement projects and test the Libyan party, acting as a potential partner in one or another area, for the availability of administrative, financial or political potential.
To date, BACL members have remarkable contacts in all centers of political and military power in Libya which dominate various parts of the country.
BACL constantly monitors the social and political situation in Libya and prepares forecasts for its development. Council members are involved in the preparation of summary materials for interested government authorities of the Russian Federation on an ongoing basis. Day-to-day interaction with the Russian Ministry of Foreign, State Duma of the Federal Assembly and Ministries of Agriculture and Economic Development has been established.
Supporting the visits of various Libyan representatives to the Russian Federation and organizing required meetings and consultations, both with Russian businesses and government authorities, is an essential component of the Council’s activities. Our operations are invariably based on the arrangement of direct liaison with decision-makers being in charge of the key areas of concern. In turn, the Libyan partners to BACL facilitate the arrangement of visits for Russian delegations to various regions of Libya for business and expert consultations and necessary meetings in neighboring countries.

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