On cooperation between Bureau LEGINT and Russian Export Center

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On March 3, 2020 Bureau LEGINT and Russian Export Center Joint Stock Company (hereinafter – REC) signed an Agreement on cooperation for promotion of Russian export goods, works and services to the markets of Africa, Middle East and North America in terms of searching for the foreign buyers of Russian products and Russian exporters at the request of foreign buyers.

In addition, the Parties agreed to cooperate in providing informational and consulting support to Russian business, in promoting Russian goods through exhibitions, fairs and marketing events, and in developing proposals for measures aimed at improving the competitiveness of export products.

REC has accredited Bureau LEGINT as an Export trade adviser with integration into the REC’s “One window” information system, as reported on the Center’s website (https://www.exportcenter.ru/partnyerskaya-programma-rets/agentam/).

Bureau LEGINT is the association of professionals in various areas of business, public and government activities, which offers integrated solutions aimed at promoting national interests and business, primarily in African and Middle Eastern countries.

An important advantage of Bureau LEGINT is realization of projects in close coordination with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant ministries of Russian Federation, as well as governments of foreign countries.

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