EAEU-Africa conference 03.06.2019

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EAEU-Africa conference


On June 3, 2019, representatives of LEGINT Bureau took part in the international conference “EAEU-Africa: Economic Integration as a Development Driver for the Two Regions and Dialogue Between Them.”

The intensification of regional economic integration processes has become a new trend over the last decade. Existing associations are developing and new integration structures are emerging around the globe. Such trend may provide an additional impetus that will boost the development of the economies of both individual countries and entire regions, to become a sort of an economic growth catalyst. Moreover, when global crisis processes emerge or aggravate, regional integration associations become a sort of an “airbag” offering effective mechanisms for protecting the national interests of their member states.

In this context, the so-called ‘integrations integration process’ becomes more relevant in establishing direct trade, economic and humanitarian ties between various regional associations such as EAEU-MERCOSUR, EU-MERCOSUR, EU-African Union, etc.

The longstanding history of integration processes in Africa has demonstrated its effectiveness and positive effect on the development of the region’s countries. The Russian Federation is currently pursuing a system-wide approach to strengthening cooperation with African countries and regional integration associations, comprehensively promoting the establishment of effective mechanisms for interaction and experience-sharing practices in implementing commercial projects between the EAEU and African Union or Southern African Development Community.

LEGINT Bureau is a permanent participant of the processes aimed at developing and strengthening dialogue between African countries and the Russian Federation, providing advisory services to representatives of the business community and political leaders on developing approaches and improving the effectiveness of the existing mechanisms enabling the Russian-African cooperation. The Bureau’s team was involved in supporting summit visits attended by the heads of a number of African countries. We are confident that the Russian-African integration features considerable economic and political potential, including prospects for implementing large-scale infrastructure and other commercial projects in the sectors of mutual interest and humanitarian cooperation.

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