Business meeting in JSC NOVATEK 03.07.19
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On July 3, 2019, Bureau LEGINT assisted in holding a business meeting of experts of the United Mexican States Senate M. Patiño and M. Langoria, as well as the representatives of Institute for International Integration V. Smirnov and A. Markelov with O. Izvolenskaya, Head of the Gas and LNG Marketing Division, and R. Stolyarov, Deputy Director of the Department for Marketing and Sales of Gas and LPG in External Markets, JSC NOVATEK.

T. Lyolikov, Executive Director of Bureau LEGINT, informed the gas company’s representatives of the current status and outlook for the Russian-Mexican relations in the energy industry. The Mexican experts, emphasizing the need for diversifying liquified natural gas (LPG), spoke in favor of raising resources from Russian companies, more specifically JSC NOVATEK, for gas deliveries to their country.
The main discussion topic was the project for upgrading the petroleum infrastructure of Mexico’s southern states, including Yucatan, and arranging a system of gas reservoirs designated for long-term supply of large LNG volumes to the country. This will allow Mexico to solve the problem of gas shortage for industrial and infrastructure facilities and household consumers.
The meeting participants reached agreements on the consolidation of efforts by the parties to devise the project implementation roadmap.

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