Political technology services

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International strategic consulting and technological support for diverse processes of political interaction in Africa and the Middle East.

  • Consideration of political risks, and media management in countries of interest.
  • Study and analysis of political and economic processes in the country of interest; monitoring the activities of political and business elites.
  • Study and analysis of problems related to military and political security in the country and in the region.
  • ПGR and political lobbying in the countries of operation. Lobbying business interests in the state authorities of the Russian Federation.
  • Information and analytical support of international corporate business.
  • Political marketing, political PR and advertising.
  • Study and analysis of practices for conducting political and lobbying campaigns in the country of interest.
  • Reputation audit (study of the perception of the company among various target audiences, assessment of the degree of awareness of target audiences about the company, persona, and individual initiatives, analysis of risk factors for the reputation of the company, persona).

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