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Monitoring of counterparties.

The report contains information about company activity, owners, managers, financial situation, business area, capital structure, history, as well as information about branches, subsidiaries and parent companies. The report makes it possible to assess the degree of commercial risk in cooperation, identify unreliable partners, obtain information about legal entities and individuals.

Audit of legal entities:

  • Information about registration, founders/shareholders, management;
  • Information about affiliated persons;
  • Profit and loss statement;
  • Analytical information about the reputation of the counterparty based on in-depth study of open sources, mass media, social networks, marketplaces, specialised chat rooms, forums, etc.
  • Updated counterparty/partner contacts and actual mailing address, address of production, storage of products, etc.;
  • Information about debts and court proceedings with the participation of the audited entity, its owners, and management.

Audit of individuals

  • Full personal identification;
  • Existence/absence of criminal record or criminal action without bringing the case to court.
  • Existence of debts to creditors, employers, government agencies, child support.
  • Evidence of involvement in defamatory litigations and disputes.
  • Participation in businesses, a brief summary of activities;
  • Sensitive information from open and ‘closed’ online resources.

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