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Bureau LEGINT brings together professionals from various spheres of state and business activities

We have years of experience in protecting the interests of private companies abroad, promoting diverse projects and performing analytical studies (national legislation in foreign countries, investment attractiveness, etc.).

Our work is based on an unwavering principle: ‘Your challenge – our solution.’ Our employees have years of experience working with public authorities, large businesses and non-profit organisations, which allows us to solve complex problems quickly.

The world has changed. In some issues, even in the sphere of intergovernmental relations, economic priorities often give way to political ambitions. Aggressive sanctions, provocations, a series of revolutions in countries that are attractive from an investment point of view – all these factors considerably complicate the process of building partnerships and entering prospective markets.

In a situation like this, it is necessary to conduct substantial research and develop unique mechanisms for each case in order to achieve the company’s goals and protect its interests. Our network of experts, along with business and political connections acquired through years of cooperation, help to solve this problem in an efficient manner.

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