On negotiations with the President of the UNESCO Club of the Departments of Piraeus and Islands, 18.02.2020

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On February 18, 2020, Anastasia Samarkina, Director General of the Bureau LEGINT, met with Ioannis Maronitis, President of the UNESCO Club of the Departments of Piraeus and Islands, Vice President of the World Federation of Clubs, Associations and Center of UNESCO (WFUCA) for Europe and North America, and a member of the City Parliament of Athens.

A. Samarkina and I. Maronitis exchanged views on the current state of affairs and discussed cooperation on issues of mutual interest. In particular, I. Maronitis emphasized that despite the existing difficulties, the organization carries out its work and relies on representatives in Russia, such as Yulia Averina, President of the Ural-Siberian Federation of UNESCO associations, centers and clubs.

I. Maronitis also spoke in detail about the activities of the non-profit organization “International Action Art”, which he leads, working on preservation, dissemination and protection of traditional and modern culture in 70 countries. As part of their projects, the parties discussed possible cooperation with the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve to assist in the restoration of the Palace complex in the suburbs of Athens.

The parties expressed mutual interest in expanding cooperation in such areas as student exchange (education), assistance and participation in exhibitions (culture), and organization of specialized trips to cities around the world (tourism).

A. Samarkina invited I. Maronitis to take part in the first All-Russian Congress of Public Associations in Tourism, Hospitality and Sports in March this year and presented to the head of “International Action Art” on behalf of the Bureau LEGINT a memorable gift – an icon of Christ the Saviour.

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